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As towns and cities expand with their manicured lawns and sterile gardens; the loss of our hedge rows; the increasing use of insecticides and pesticides we are slowly destroying the habitats and the food that feeds our wildlife and ultimately ourselves. Our native bees are dying out and with them will go our flora and fauna and one third of our diet.

PJF Landscapes and Tree Services are fighting to help restore the balance of nature.

Our 1st project was at the Rhodes Complex and Bishops Stortford Museum. Being on a small Island surrounded by roads, they wanted to create an Oasis for wildlife. In conjunction with Breathing Places which is funded by Spring Watch we created the perfect environment to create a haven for our native wildlife.

Since then we have been encouraging and consulting with our customers to do the same and the demand for our nature Gardens has been on the rise ever since. Peter who now Lectures at Schools on Natural History has a vast knowledge on how to plant and plan your wildlife garden and which plants and wild flowers to use as many flowers are sterile and are no use to our bees.

See below for some of the wildlife projects we can provide:

• Loggeries for encouraging invertebrates especially the stag beetle

• A wildlife pond with a small boggy area

• The positioning and erection of bird and bat boxes and Insect houses

• The construction of Hedgehog houses

• Planting well stocked boarders with plenty of nectar rich flowers and bulbs

• The planting of fruiting trees and shrubs to provide food for insects and birds

• How to encourage desirable and discourage undesirable wildlife

• Cultivating natural complimentary plants to ward off pests and help polonation