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Your garden should be enjoyed not endured, with today’s pressures of work and life commitments you may feel your garden is a burden.

If you do not have the time to maintain your garden to the extent you would like, we will be happy to help you. Let us take away your concerns so that during your valuable leisure time you can spend your hours relaxing and enjoying the fruits of our labours!

From as little as 2 hours a month we can regularly visit your garden and with our extensive array of professional experience and equipment we can complete the tasks that would normally take you all day in a matter of hours.

Our Gardeners hold countless horticultural qualifications from a 3 day course in Pesticide application to a 3 year course in horticulture. We can provide trainee Gardeners to carry out the basic gardening duties such as cutting grass and weeding or you can employ one of our Senior Gardeners to provide a more specialist service.

Our senior team can identify all of the plants in your garden and create a month by month Garden Maintenance and Development plan to ensure all works are carried out in the right season to gain the maximum potential and enjoyment from you plants.